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The presence of bis[2- N,N-dimethylamino ethyl] ether allows a selective halide-magnesium exchange of iodo- and bromoaromatics bearing sensitive carboxylic ester and cyano groups with isopropylmagnesium chloride. Boronic acid esters coordinate with basic molecules to form stable tetra-coordinated adducts.

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A broad conclusion on poverty essay of organohalides are borylated with excellent chemoselectivity and functional group compatibility. This pyridine-catalyzed borylation features a broad substrate scope, operational simplicity, and gram-scale synthetic ability. A boryl-Heck reaction of terminal alkenes with commercially available catecholchloroborane catBCl as an electrophilic boron reagent provides trans-alkenyl boronic syntheses. This reaction also can be carried out under Barbier conditions.

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This reaction also can be carried out under Barbier conditions. The cobalt-catalyzed Diels-Alder reaction of alkynyl pinacol boronic esters with various dienes generates cycloadducts in very good regioselectivity.

As the sensors employ an optical response, monitoring could be achieved using minimally invasive methods, one such example is the investigation of a contact lens that contains a boronic acid based sensor molecule to detect glucose levels within ocular fluids.

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The obtained vinylboronic esters are air- and chromatography-stable. However, either of the simple crotylboronates was more efficiently prepared via ester of lithiated Z - or E butene with FB OMe 2. The reaction proceeds at ambient conditions in very good yields with a regioselectivity opposite to that observed in the presence of Pd or Pt catalysts. TL27, The CuI-catalyzed coupling reaction of pinacolborane with aryl iodides under the action of sodium hydride in THF at room temperature provided the corresponding arylboronates in good yields.

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