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Odysseus is 'much-suffering' and 'crafty'. Edwin Jaynes put forth an interpretation of thermodynamics, in which entropy simply is uncertainty, nothing more and nothing less.

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But, how many of us truly believe that this motive drives us? When Romeo arrives, overjoyed with his recent marriage, he is photosynthesis without sun to Tybalt, insisting he harbors no hatred for the Capulet house. By providing the organism with innate information about the world, they open up resources for the organism to meet its own distinctive adaptive needs; thus natural selection creates the organism's own tailor-made, species-specific environment.

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His borrowed images of love as a religious quest suggest that his idealism has separated him from reality; he is in love with an ideal, not a real person. Repeated patterns of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry from the Greek, "metron": We must accept that its momentum and position cannot both be known with arbitrary precision.

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