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Canada's first immigration legislation, the Immigration Act of reflected the laissez-faire philosophy of the time by not saying which classes of immigrants should be admitted butmerely that the "governor" could prohibit the landing of pauper or destitute immigrants at any Canadian port.

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Whenever the economic aspect of immigration is under-appreciated, there is bound to be some negative repercussions. This ensures a retention of skilled people to work towards the growth of the economy.

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S, a significant percentage of the population of immigrants in research paper topics ancient mesopotamia nation is illegal. The unemployment rate has been recorded at 6.

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The culminating situation is a perfect fit. For example, the eastern part was supplying raw materials to the United States, such as iron ore, nickel and copper.

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Every part of Canada had a different potential. It has ten provinces and three territories.

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The country has been able to enhance its potential by creating an enabling environment for immigration. The point system favours skilled work typically performed by men, most female adult immigrants to Canada come through the family class, as the dependent spouse of a male independent applicant. Under the temporary entry one can apply while inside the country or outside the country.

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