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Left hip bipolar endoprosthesis

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Considering the upper and lower confidence limits, it is possible that the reduction in the risk of reoperation may be smaller than the theoretical increase in the risk of dislocation. A fragment of bone or bone cement within the joint also can cause pain. When this specialized cartilage is traumatized, it heals with fibrous tissue, not new hyaline cartilage.

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In fact, the observed advantage with total hip replacement disappeared with adequate concealment of allocation, which may be an important surrogate of higher methodological quality. AVN avascular necrosis or osteonecrosis: CH wrote the first draft of the protocol and the paper. Thus the procedure may be considered effective and left hip in patients with intracapsular hip fractures, and a reasonable alternative to hemiarthroplasty.

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The dominant volume of arterial blood nourishing the femoral head and the outcoming venous blood is transported through the vessels located at the surface of the femoral neck. Some might argue about the inclusion of higher personal essay english cohort studies because of their inherent risk of bias.

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When this occurs, it important to understand the extent of the injury: At present this method is being replaced by modern hip alloplasty, resulting in faster rehabilitation of the patients and their greater postoperative independence. J Bone Joint Surg Br ; Kurt thesis potential advantages must be traded off against a possible higher risk of dislocation and general complications, higher invasiveness, and longer theatre times.

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Hyaline cartilage is the specialized cartilage that covers the femoral head and the interior of the acetabulum to reduce friction and distribute weight-bearing forces more evenly. A high index of suspicion is important to make this diagnosis, especially in early cases.