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Photosynthesis activities for elementary students, we proudly support these educational associations

For a more detailed explanation including an "I Can Read" version written just for young studentsand for a handful of hands-on science activities that teach about fall's colors, see Simply Science's Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall?

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If you're creating a new assignment, give it a name. Then place a sheet of tracing paper over the leaf.

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Written at about a fourth-grade level, the book tells the story of a boy who decides to solve the mystery of photosynthesis for a school science project. Play a quiz game with personal interpretation of fiction story/essay where all the questions focus on photosynthesis.

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If it's pretty pictures you're looking for, check out New England Foliage. They may not remember what each plant part does or everything a plant needs to grow, but they should be able to label parts such as leaves, roots, and the stem, and remember that a plant needs sunlight, soil, water, and carbon dioxide or air to grow.

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This in-depth description of the oxygen-carbon dioxide cycle describes the chemical reactions, light cycle, and dark cycle aka Calvin cycle that convert solar energy into chemical energy. CO2 from the air enters the chloroplast Mixing with organic molecules for the last time With the help of the enzyme Rubisco Carbon Fixation—I thought you knew this yo!

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