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Out of this simple gesture comes two essays about seagulls; one about life and birth, the other about death. All at once, the wind will die down and I will find myself becalmed in a place where nothing moves.

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Reading Thomas Bernhard in a Time of Unhappiness My dependence on literature must make me half dead in the same way. So why do I make so much of my thirtieth anniversary as a writer?

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Sometimes I remind myself that these writers will die soon and, once they are dead, the books that are their legacy will occupy an even more cherished place in our hearts. In This Place Long Ago A mild version of this despair descends on me every afternoon, between one and three, but I have learned how to treat it with reading and writing: We can see now that its active ingredients are boredom, real life, and the life of the imagination.

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My own sympathies in this scene are not with Orhan, my little hero and namesake, but with the mother, who is gently poking fun at him. He contemplates his mysterious compulsion to sit alone at a desk and dream, always returning to the rich deliverance that is reading and writing.

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My body has difficulty powerful words list essay, my joints get stiff, my head turns to stone, my perspiration even seems to smell differently.