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Denouement is usually the final scene or chapter in which any necessary, and, as yet unmade, clarifications are made. For example, there is assonance in every line of the popular nursery rhyme: It may consist of a character, a recurrent image or verbal pattern.

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A "round character" is one who is presented in greater depth, interest and detail. Romeo and Juliet is full of structural juxtapositions between light and dark and between age and youth.

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Literary interpretation may take into account any of the other terms in this glossary, especially THEME. A literary device which creates question hamlet by the recurrence of initial consonant sounds of different words within the essay sentence, e.

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Invariably, the quest involves adventure and requires courage. Emilia reveals to Othello that her husband, Iago, had plotted against Desdemona and tricked Othello into believing that she had been unfaithful.

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A character is a person or a non-human with a human personality, as with Aslan and many of the creatures in the Chronicles of Narnia in a literary work. His words express praise for the pretended economy involved in the swift marriage.

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While it is common for events to unfold chronologically, many stories structure the plot in such a way that the reader encounters happenings out of order. Awareness best college admissions essay ever written these contexts is important for understanding and interpreting Shakespeare and almost every kind of literature.

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A theme may not always be explicit or easy to state, and different interpreters may disagree. In Ancient Greek poetry and Latin poetry, lines followed certain metrical patterns, based on arrangements of heavy and light syllables.

The deeper meaning is usually spiritual, moral or political.

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A literary technique which imitates and ridicules usually through exaggeration another author or literary genre. Shakespeare's sonnets typically end with a heroic couplet, e.

In Sonnet 55 Shakespeare refers to art as "rhyme": It is one of the two most basic types of literature.

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