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Program through an alternate process for assessing candidates.

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Offers of admission will be made to Aboriginal candidates whose total application shows strong evidence of academic preparedness and potential. Frag es jederzeit und frag es immer drei Mal nacheinander.

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It may be of particular interest to mature students and those with experience in Aboriginal education. Community-based program offerings provide the opportunity for Teacher Candidates obtain a Diploma in Education or a Bachelor of Education for teaching in the Primary and Junior divisions.

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Alle wesentlichen Entscheidungen werden auf der Teamebene getroffen. It provides a forum for discussing contemporary and historic issues pertaining to Aboriginal peoples and cultures, hosts themed events and celebrations, and works in collaboration with FDASC and the Aboriginal Council to identify the needs of Aboriginal students on campus.

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Up to a maximum of four qualified Aboriginal students per year may be admitted to the M. Die Entscheidung in diesem Gremium werden demokratisch mit einfacher Mehrheit beschlossen.

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Candidates are introduced to the contacts and services available at the FDASC during the application process, upon admission, and during Orientation Week. Es wird deutlich in der Art und Weise, wie wir Demokratie und offene Kommunikation umarmen und zu Fragen und Dissens ermutigen. It also works with Aboriginal communities from across Canada to ensure that programming is relevant.

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Undergraduates, graduates, and professional students are all represented in the QNSA.