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Considers changes in trade patterns, capital investment, mechanization, and transfer of technology.

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By challenging the monarchy, the members of the parliaments aka: This paper argues that Napoleon was more like a pre-Revolutionary monarch than he was a promoter of Revolutionary values such as liberty and equality. Concludes that the role of women in the French Revolution was mainly important from a symbolic perspective. Also argues that the conflicts were due more to political reasons than to Galileo's beliefs.

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This term paper provides an overview and analysis of the development and practice of witchcraft in Europe. Argues that, although many women participated in the Revolution and made demands for reform, in the end their social position was basically the same as it was in the beginning.

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That is the central question under essays underlined quotations in this comparative study of the European-Asian spice trade and Atlantic slave trade of the 15thth Centuries.

The reforms had positive effects; yet many problems remained.

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Drawing on specific examples, the analysis considers peacekeeping within its historical, social, political, and economic contexts, with particular attention to nation-state, sovereignty, nation, colony, church-state relations, civil-military relations, alliances and trade conflict.