Granulomatous disease prosthesis Silicone-induced granuloma

Granulomatous disease prosthesis, patient data

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Right trochanter minor is lower in position than the left indicating leg length dicrepancy. Rare complications include bowel fistulas, encasement of neurovascular structures and bladder wall burn.

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Sarcoid granulomas often contain star-shaped structures termed asteroid bodies or lamellar structures termed Schaumann bodies. The additional cells are sometimes a clue to the cause of the granuloma.

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Particle Disease Originally this was called cement disease or aggressive granulomatosus. The diagnosis is established by finding Pneumocystis yeasts within the granulomas on lung biopsies.

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The finding of food particles in lung biopsies is diagnostic. The femoral part is composed of a metal stem chromium cobalt or titanium and a femoral head johns hopkins admissions essays metal or ceramic.

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