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A trans-acting factor is known to interact with the ribozyme cleavage site thereby, regulating the rate of ribozyme self-cleavage. All of the macrolides, and semi-synthetic macrolide derivatives, that are formed from the and membered rings contain the suffix -thromycin in the drug name.

The implementation of a remote monitoring of key information processes inside biosystems by means of such artificial biocomputers, resulting in treatments for cancer, AIDS, genetic deformities, control over socio-genetic processes and eventually prolongation of the human life time.


The 1-st level is that the organism as a whole. The conditions 1 are therefore in excellent agreement with Gariaev group's conclusion. Polycistronic mRNAs are very essay on population in india in eukaryotic cells but have been identified.

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Garjajev and its colleague continued still another step. Thus, nonlocality can be postulated to be the key factor explaining the astonishing evolutionary achievement of multicellular biosystems.

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Although most streptogramins are produced by Streptomyces, other bacterial strains such as Actinoplanes, Actinomadura, and Micromonospora are known to produce streptogramins. There are 2 RFs in E.

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The effect is now becoming well known as the DNA phantom effect. The streptogramin antibiotics are classified into two distinct groups: The reduction of these disulfide bonds results in oxidation of thioredoxin which then is reduced by thioredoxin reductase.

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Some evidence suggests that they might be major contributors to the aging process and age-associated pathologies. Almost all of the GluA2 present in the human brain is edited.