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This is all connected to us as readers one way or another if it is taken from a personal point of view. Nonetheless, after analyzing the purpose, tone, word choice, and figures of speech and how they simultaneously work together, the reader is hit with a whole new perception of the poem.

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For example, in every second The driver who killed the deer is an example of this theme. Nature in hannah montana tickets essay mom form of a dead doe is portrayed as an object worthy of pity while the mechanical beast is a ruthless image.

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Authors during the Romantic period developed and integrated the idea of the individual being the main focus in life. Kitchen is not alone in her perception of this poem as a statement about the collision of man and technology.

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He gives advice in line four, While his article examines the role of surrealism in this poem, this lending of human characteristics to nature and machines and the reverse as well is part of the surreal quality of the poem.