2-cyanophenol synthesis 2-cyanophenol synthesis

2-cyanophenol synthesis

Ethyl 2-[3-cyano 1-methylpropoxy phenyl]methyl-1,3-thiazolecarboxylate Impurity XVI.

Investigation of Various Impurities in Febuxostat

The synthesis mixture was heated to reflux for 12 h. The experimental procedure is similar to Impurity XI but with Impurity X used as the starting material.

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The isolated solid was filtered, washed with water 50 mLand dried in an air oven to get Impurity XI 8. Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate MgCl2. Ethyl 2-[3-formyl 1-methylpropoxy phenyl]methyl-1,3-thiazolecarboxylate Impurity XIV.

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Both isomeric impurities can be controlled with appropriate specification for isobutyl bromide. The solid was filtered, washed with water mLand dried in an air oven to obtain Impurity XV 8.

Ethyl 2- 4-butoxycyanophenyl methyl-1,3-thiazolecarboxylate Impurity XV. Ethyl 2-[3,5-diformyl 2-methylpropoxy phenyl]methyl-1,3-thiazolecarboxylate Impurity XII. It is, therefore, impossible to get rid of this impurity crna essay the reaction, and only effective recrystallization will eliminate it.

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The crude compound was loaded on a silica gel column and eluted with ethyl acetate: