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Proficiency is indicated by a quick, accurate, and highly coordinated performance, requiring a minimum of energy.

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As I prepared these lists, I heard in my mind, "It's not enough to know something, you need to use it! Likewise, post-reading questions are an excellent tool for assisting a learner with processing new information.

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Regardless of how the levels are organized and defined, it is less important to consider at what level an individual question thesis on adolescence being asked, and more important to ensure that a variety of levels are being utilized when composing reading comprehension questions. Various people have since built on Bloom's work, notably in the third domain, the 'psychomotor' or skills, which Bloom originally identified in a broad sense, but which he never fully detailed.

Name three common varieties of apple.

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Comprehending[ edit ] Comprehension involves demonstrating understanding of facts and ideas by organizing, comparing, translating, interpreting, giving descriptions, and stating the main ideas.

For example, players will often utter sounds of satisfaction or expletives as soon as they hit a tennis ball or throw a football because they can tell by the feel of the act what the result will produce.

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