Causes of salem witch trials/essay Salem Witch Trials essay

Causes of salem witch trials/essay, causes of the salem witch trials essay

Strong Belief in the Occult The Puritans strongly believed in the existence of witches and witchcraft.

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Reverend Parris, the lead minister of the town, just relocated to Salem with his daughter, Betty Parris and niece, Abigail Williams. In addition she wears bright and colorful clothing, which is seen as scandalous to the Puritan community of New England. Some theories lead to Rye poisoning from bread to even people faking it.

An investigation of the three women was set up, and John Hathorne and Jonathan Corwin were sent from Salem Town to investigate the cases of witchcraft.

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They believed in the idea that a supernatural cause, whatever the source, was used to cause them harm Godbeer… Causes of the Salem Witch Craft Trials Words 9 Pages court authorities to suspect witchcraft was the cause of the illness. This theory is supported by historical records which indicate that the years preceding the Witch Trials were particularly cold. The stringent Puritan code that the villagers lived by was taxing… Essay on The Salem Nhs prosthesis Trials Words 11 Pages their culprit and after this did not work, she was arrested four days later for being a witch herself.

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As the Salem witch trials continued throughout the late s, more than people in Massachusetts were accused of committing crimes related to cause of salem witch trials/essay.

Ray, With this in mind the question remains; how did it get started and how did it get out of hand so quickly? These factors contributed to the major social, political, and economic reasons why the Salem witch trials began.

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