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Confusing from the character being displayed is somewhat similar to Humanity is not known for being particularly open-minded. Okonkwo eventually stands up to the missionaries in an attempt to protect his culture, but when he kills a British messenger, Okonkwo realizes that he stands alone, and kills himself.

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To them, this may seem perfectly logical. It clearly brings out hero archetype essay importance of the African identity and nationalism to the Africans and the effects of cultural misunderstandings due to colonization.

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Achebe has been one of the most influential and important authors in African history. The book discusses the struggle in Umofia between change and tradition, which is a question often pondered by those today. It indicates how complex Okonkwo is.

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Several reviewers have also noted his use of African images and proverbs to convey African culture and oral storytelling. This assignment requires you to locate and evaluate sources, to locate and evaluate data Use the order calculator below to get an accurate quote for your order.

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There is not one single moment in the book where everything falls apart, but many times throughout. Shortly after his return, Okonkwo's own son leaves for the mission school, disgusted by his father's participation in the death of a boy that his family had taken in and treated as their own.

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Achebe discusses that this religion is very similar to Christianity. Women are seen as weak beings, but are respected for certain things they do, such as bearing children.

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It has led to freedom in writing in the manner where the writers portray what they feel to be true in their writings without fear.

Once the dispute with Nwoye and Okonkwo was settled, Okonkwo though of why he was cursed with a son like him.

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The Community in Umuofia Community in tribal cultures is tight knit and deep-seated. His father taught at the missionary school, and Achebe witnessed firsthand the complex mix of benefit and catastrophe that the Christian religion had brought to the Igbo people.