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Essays in social theory + lukes

On the basis of reviewing the existing literature, a theoretical framework of thesis about effective teaching strategies task behavior and relational behavior, work alienation and job performance had been proposed in this study by using leadership behavior theory.

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Journal of Service Science and ManagementVol. Questionnaire data were collected from employees by paired data and analysis data using SPSS Regression analyses revealed insignificant relationships between the leadership task behavior, relational behavior, and job performance, and work alienation partially mediated this relationship.

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This study not only enriches the theory of leadership behavior, but also has a guide and reference for the leadership and management practices of enterprises. When the new career, the feature of which was boundaryless career attitudes, organizational mobility preference, self-directed and values-drive had appeared in employees, the new subject of the current academic and organizational practices faced was what actions the leader should take to guide the behavior of employees effectively, even pad synthesis improve job performance.

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