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What are her goals? A few possible examples would include: How has her narrative voice changed from that earlier story?

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Even though she periodically wrote poems and stories throughout her childhood and adolescence, it was not until she attended the University of Iowa's Writers Workshop in the late s that she realized her experiences as a Latina woman were unique and outside the realm of dominant American culture. Identify a way in which Cisneros' book addresses a specific societal problem.

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Alternatively, students might explore in a more general way the intertextual inversions of fairy tale motifs in "The Family of Little Feet" the Cinderella motif and "Rafaela. While Meme Ortiz is a positive male character-indeed, he is virtually Esperanza's male counterpart for his accomplishment of renaming himself-and while Papa emerges as a sensitive if somewhat weak and to be pitied, even given his grief character, most of the men of Mango Street-Earl, Minerva's husband, Sally's father, the boy who presumably rapes Esperanza in "Red Clowns"-are motivated by lust and the need to dominate the women in their lives.

For example, the vignette "Those Who Don't" emerges as a powerful indictment of ignorance and racism, droit le thesis between the majority and minority members of a society, and within the minority culture itself.

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What about the image that the non-Latinos have of the Latinos? How is her self-esteem formed, and how does it evolve over the course of the novel?

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