Research paper on flavonoids Tea Benefits: A Research Wrap-Up

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It may also help enhance concentration and learning ability because of its theanine an amino acidwhich at the same time promotes relaxation. So farm there is insufficient support for claims that tea can help prevent or treat any cancer. For instance, a study in BMJ Open looked at data from 50 countries and found that high bipolar disorder research papers of black tea was strongly associated with a reduced diabetes risk.

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Most studies of postmenopausal women have linked long-term consumption of tea usually green and often high intakes or tea extracts with greater bone density, but there are discrepancies among the results. For instance, in a study in Japan in and one in China inolder people who regularly drank green tea were found to have a reduced risk of cognitive impairment compared to nondrinkers.

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Unless it has been decaffeinated, tea averages about 40 milligrams of caffeine per six-ounce cup versus milligrams in coffee, on averagedepending on the type, brewing time, and other factors. Black tea tends to have more caffeine than green.

Check the labels on bottled and instant teas, however, since some are as sugary as soda. Coffee seems to be similarly protective.

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