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Calculating the test criterion based on the values obtained from the sample Step 4: The null hypothesis is referred to as "Ho".

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Thus Laplace's null hypothesis that the birthrates of boys and girls should be equal given "conventional wisdom". To minimize type II errors, large samples are recommended.

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Like a jury trial starts by assuming innocence of the suspect followed by determination whether the assumption is false. If the data falls into the rejection region of H1, accept H2; otherwise accept H1.

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An experimental result was said to be statistically significant if a sample was sufficiently inconsistent with the null hypothesis. Procedure for hypothesis testing.

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Karl Pearson develops the chi squared test to determine "whether a given form of frequency curve will effectively describe the samples drawn from a given population. State the null hypothesis: Statisticians study Neyman—Pearson theory in graduate school.

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The hypotheses become 0,1,2, Pluto was demoted as a planet in Rejecting the null hypothesis means accepting the alternative hypothesis. Calculate the test statistic using the given values from the sample Find the critical value at the required level of significance and degrees of freedom.

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