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Macbeth, perhaps having learned from his wife, gets two men to commit his murder by insulting their masculinity. I have a high regard for truth and I talk plain.

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Read more Psychological Stability of Macbeth 1, words, approx. InDuncan's father Crinan was killed in "A battle between the Scots themselves", Annals of Ulster and this event probably represented an attempt to oust Macbeth. We must not conclude, however, that al As we shall make, seeing that we shall make.

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Now she reverts to this occasion in order to stimulate him to action at the present favourable opportunity, reminding him, lines 58, 59, of the oath that he had sworn to kill the king. She declares that she will henceforth consider his love for her no stronger nor more enduring than his weak ambition for the crown. It also had to be done before the mother went into severe shock, so she would be fully conscious when it while it was being done.

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