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Dimmesdale also believes that his sin has taken the meaning out of his life. One important influence on the story is money.

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Top grades and quality guaranteed! Unlike the transcendentalists of the era, Hawthorne "confronted reality, rather than evading it" VII.

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So even though the people she tried to help "often reviled the hand that was stretched forth to succor them," she continues her services because she actually cares This emotion foretells that they will never last together openly because their sin has pos terminal paper them too much from normal life. There is one worse than even the polluted priest!

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In her arms is the product of her sin, Pearl, a three month old baby who is experiencing life outside the prison for the first time When they meet in the woods, they feel that, "No golden light had ever been so chocolat essay as the gloom of this dark forest While Hester tries to make the best out of her situation, Dimmesdale becomes weaker by letting guilt and grief eat away at his conscience.

Chillingworth then runs through the crowd and tries to stop Dimmesdale from reaching the top of the scaffold, the one place where he can't reach him The symbolism shows the reader a different way to look at a concrete situation.

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He walks through the town with twice as much energy as normal, and he barely stops himself from swearing to a fellow deacon