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This paper presents an aberration correction approach for WFSless AO systems based on the model of the WFSless AO system and a small number of intensity measurements, where the model is identified from the input-output data of the WFSless AO system by black-box identification.

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The Naval Postgraduate School is developing a laboratory environment for testing advanced chapter control methods for compensation of atmospheric turbulence in adaptive optics for use in a maritime environment. Single-pulse ablation features with programmable aspect ratios and dimensions as small as 2.

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The accommodation response AR was analyzed in terms of the gain and phase lag. A deformable mirror based on the principle of total internal reflection TIR of light from an pdf research papers free deformed liquid-air interface was realized and used to perform closed-loop adaptive optical correction on a collimated laser beam aberrated by a rotating phase disk.

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Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Recent developments in micro-electro-mechanical systems and biotechnology have presented an emerging need for observation of dynamic targets in three-dimensional space. Potential applications include optical and IR long-range security and military surveillance, unmanned aircraft imaging systems and naval optical imaging and warning systems.