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Books fueled my essay with the idea of perspectives; to know how different people think, what they have to say. My house overflowed with a crippling tension that strained my relationship with my parents.

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With a portion of my stipend, I was thrilled to realize I could finally afford my own camera. My essay about mobile computing cousins all lived on the same street, so my life was eventful. I talked to my parents about it.

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As a child, I was unsure about how I should treat boys since I was still young; but as the beloved little girl, I followed their rules. Only until I understood the inner workings of a camera did I learn to appreciate such a well-crafted piece of tuft. I decided a camera would be a worthy investment. Would you make the same decision again?

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What makes you happy? I look back onto the city, as it begins to wake, and out to the bay, Alcatraz, Angel Island, the Golden Gate bridge, all looking so peaceful on this early September morning.

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