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Social and cultural manifestations of globalization Though there are many social and cultural manifestations of globalization, here are some of the major ones: International webinars are held now and then. The rapid pace of innovations with international networks and convergence of standards across countries has contributed to the globalization of technology. The increasing integration of national economic systems through growth in international trade, investment and capital flows. Firms evaluate various locations world-wide for manufacturing activities so as to take advantage of local resources and optimize manufacturing competitiveness.

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E-commerce has changed traditional business practices by providing direct international access to information and products. The process of globalization is characterized by the interplay of dynamic forces that act as movers and restraining factors, as shown in Fig.

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These essays and weeds usually cause damage to animals and plants by interfering with their genetic composition. The East European countries shielded themselves from the process of global economic integration. Consequently, the development of the contemporary nation-state, nationalism, inter-state alliances, colonization, and the great wars of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries were in part political manifestations of changes in the structure of economic production.

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The range of globalization has been broadened to bring in other activities and areas such as sports, media, socio—culture, technology, and politics. This has given rise to new business models, such as the off-shore delivery of services to global locations and electronic business transactions.

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Economic manifestations of globalization Increasingly over the past two centuries, economic activity has become more globally oriented and integrated. In the yeara monthly essay belonging to British Petroleum Company leaked out petroleum product in the Atlantic Ocean.

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In the current years, the world has what is an anterolisthesis visualized as being a global village, where the interactions of the people in the world, has been of equivalent to the interaction in one village or locality. Globalization is the process by which countries, economies, and regions have been integrated in a global network.

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Some scientists agree that globalization has also cultural and ecological connotations, and that it is not only political or economic phenomenon. And thanks to today's technology and integrated societies, these networks span throughout the world.

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Until the eighteenth century, the British generally maintained peaceable relations with the Indian Mughal empire, whose authority and military power were too great to be challenged by the British. Most developing countries that gained independence from colonial rule in the immediate post-World War II period followed imports substitution strategies to promote local industrialization.

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