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For example, when the purpose is the synthesis of a bacteriocidal quaternary ammonium salt such as benzalkonium chloride, such a trialkyl amine is used in which one of the alkyl groups is a long-chain alkyl such as dodecyl, tetradecyl, hexadecyl, or octadecyl, and the remaining groups are either methyl or ethyl. The residual total ammonia concentration is measured; it is 1.

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Assisi essay introduction, any competitive reaction between the monochloramine formed and the ammonia remaining in the reaction medium is avoided. Process according to claim 6characterized in that the concentration of inorganic base in the sodium hypochlorite solution is between 0.

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They were carried out for the purpose of showing, first, the improvement brought about by the process which is a subject-matter of the invention in comparison with the state of the art and, secondly, that the process which is a subject-matter of the invention is not a simple adaptation of the process already known to a person skilled in the art. The concentration of ammonium chloride in the reaction medium is therefore 1. In a particularly preferred way, the inorganic base is sodium hydroxide.

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Tertiary amines are selected according to the use of the aimed product. The reaction medium comprises very little residual ammonia; its concentration is less than 0. Specifically, they are, for example, pyridine, 4-picoline, 2,3-lutidine and its positional isomers, 2- 3- or 4-vinylpyridine, 4-cyanopyridine, 2-methoxypyridine and the like.

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