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This process is repeated for a number of times until the required cell line is established after the original cell produces embryonic stem cells in millions. Predictions are this method will be a more effective cure for childhood near-sightedness than glasses or standard contact lenses. High quality and non-plagiarized papers from highly qualified writers.

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They try to change the work of the customs medium, change the face of the customs dish, or try to change the cell by adding specific genes. Although opposers may be skeptical about the benefits regarding ESC research, advocate Harold Varmus justifies his argument against any critics by announcing: These cells could be used to treat a host of horrible human conditions from birth defects to heart disease and degenerative neurologic conditions.

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Despite this report, many scientists have a believe that an adult brain could be unable to produce new nerve cells. All clinical trial participants, no matter where they are, must be protected according to universal ethical standards.